One more sew to show …

Just whipped up this double layered skirt from a tutorial online from Such an easy skirt to sew. The base layer of this skirt is upcycled from a hospice shop $1 skirt purchase, which is a cotton/linen blend. The elephant fabric is 100% cotton from Spotlight … and no doubt picked up in a 40% off sale, or something similar!

So cute!

Elephant double layer skirt


Embellishing a plain merino top

I wanted to make this little merino top more “girly” … it was bought from the boys’ section at Farmers, but I just loved the colour. Found a simple flower design online, chose some co-ordinating fabric from my fast growing stash and came up with this.


Sew sew busy …

I’ve been busy at the sewing machine over the last couple of weeks, and thoroughly enjoying it. I purchased Liesl Gibson’s book “Little Things To Sew”, which is fabulous! Just love it! So many great things to sew for little kids, yes mostly girl things, but that’s ok for now.

The first project from the book I took on was the Red Riding Hood Cape, marked as an “easy” sew. Mmmm … not sure I’d say easy, but I managed. I made one for Ruby and one for her little friend Harriet.

I picked up some fabulous merino suiting fabric from Murray’s Emporium at only $5.50 a metre! Wow! Not sure the exact composition, but when I washed it I could definitely smell the wool content, so am happy with that. I’m guessing there’s polyester and nylon in there somewhere too. Next it was onto Spotlight for some cotton lining and I grabbed some 100% cotton flannelette for an interlining too. Lucky Spotlight were having a great clearance sale. I love a good sale!

All up the capes cost around $20 each to make … amazing.

The photos aren’t great and I have been hoping to take some new ones with Ruby wearing an outfit that actually went well with the cape, but oh well … these will have to do.

Two Ruby's! Cape back view The cosy hood    Ruby's new cape

The Elmo skirt

We will soon be celebrating Ruby’s 2nd birthday and have decided on an Elmo themed party, which may stretch to Sesame Street in general. Since her love of Elmo began she has also taken an interest in Big Bird and Abby Cadabby (who she calls Daphne, like her own doll).

Back to Pinterest I went and came across some fabulous little outfits with various characters appliqued on. So here is the “Elmo skirt”. Ruby can’t wait to wear it.

Ruby can't wait to wear her Elmo skirt on her 2nd birthday

Ruby can’t wait to wear her Elmo skirt on her 2nd birthday

Let’s hope I’ll be posting an Elmo cake before long too! Mmmm …

Mothers’ Day is looming!

What a great gift idea these little tea wallets make. If your mother turns up at your place with her own tea bag, she needs one of these in her handbag. I made one for my mum a while back and I’ve just had two orders from friends, to be made by Mothers’ Day. No point leaving it till the last minute! Think I will post some photos on Facebook to let people know I’m taking orders. At $10 each, they’re a great little pressie. (I won’t be able to guarantee the same fabrics, as I purchased those some time ago.)

WP_20150418_001 WP_20150419_001 WP_20150419_003

The big news

Last week my husband and I made an announcement. This is how we made it …

Sporting my new t-shirt. Can't wait to be a big sister!

Can’t wait to be a big sister!

I scanned the pages of Pinterest (I can waste SO much time doing that!) and decided that I would make (or embellish) our little girl a t-shirt to help with the big announcement. There were so many great ideas but to keep it simple, BIG SIS is what I decided on. I’ll be honest, when we visited family with Ruby sporting her new tee, it went unnoticed … I couldn’t believe it. Never mind, the family were obviously thrilled with the news, no matter how they were told. And the t-shirt made a great impact on Facebook when we shared our news with friends.

Such a great impact that I made one for a friend!

Another big sis tee

Another big sis tee

Looking forward to seeing my friend’s little girl dressed in hers.