Sew sew busy …

I’ve been busy at the sewing machine over the last couple of weeks, and thoroughly enjoying it. I purchased Liesl Gibson’s book “Little Things To Sew”, which is fabulous! Just love it! So many great things to sew for little kids, yes mostly girl things, but that’s ok for now.

The first project from the book I took on was the Red Riding Hood Cape, marked as an “easy” sew. Mmmm … not sure I’d say easy, but I managed. I made one for Ruby and one for her little friend Harriet.

I picked up some fabulous merino suiting fabric from Murray’s Emporium at only $5.50 a metre! Wow! Not sure the exact composition, but when I washed it I could definitely smell the wool content, so am happy with that. I’m guessing there’s polyester and nylon in there somewhere too. Next it was onto Spotlight for some cotton lining and I grabbed some 100% cotton flannelette for an interlining too. Lucky Spotlight were having a great clearance sale. I love a good sale!

All up the capes cost around $20 each to make … amazing.

The photos aren’t great and I have been hoping to take some new ones with Ruby wearing an outfit that actually went well with the cape, but oh well … these will have to do.

Two Ruby's! Cape back view The cosy hood    Ruby's new cape


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