A crafty Christmas

I know it’s March already, but I’m just sitting and thinking how much fun Christmas 2014 was. I would have loved to have shared all the Christmas crafts I created at the time, but as they were gifts, posting pics may have spoiled the surprise! So here’s a bit of a run down …

WP_20141117_002 WP_20141117_001I

My first Christmas project was a cushion for my niece’s bed. She’s mad on horses so naturally I chose a horse to adorn a denim pillow.

WP_20141117_003 WP_20141118_001

I was so happy with how it looked I decided to make one for my nephew as well. But not with a horse! He’s only five but already is crazy about anything “hunting and fishing”, which may have something to do with the work his father does.


So … it had to be a marlin! He loved it!

Next was something small and homemade for mum.

WP_20141121_003 WP_20141121_004

I stole the idea from a gift shop near Brisbane … thanks for the inspiration!

I went on to make a couple more cushions … now, to find the pics. Check out the next post for those.


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